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From: Jason White
Subject: Dominated by Ben - Part 2I slowly get off the desk and walk over to my clothes with an awkward
waddle. "I'm not going to be able to walk right for a week. You always fuck
that rough?"
"Nah, extra special. Just for my little scent slave. Hurry up and put on
your clothes so we can get outta here.""Where are we going?""My place. Wife's out of town and I got a whole lot of sweaty, rank hockey
equipment that you are going to love. It will be like Christmas, except
your ass will hurt a lot more." And with that last comment, Ben gave me a
good hard slap on my ass.My mind is racing as I get dressed. In some sick way I don't understand, I
want to go with Ben and see what happens. I know that I shouldn't be
thinking this way, but I am his now. Something he has done to me was just
too much, and now all I want to see is what he will do to me and how much I
can take. Fully dressed, I grab my things and Ben gets behind me and starts
leading me to his car."You're fucking mine tonight. teen +ass +porn Broken down little boy is gonna get it." We
get to his car and make the 10-15 minute drive to his place, though it felt
like much longer as I try and think of all the things he is going to do to
me. In a public place, he was able to destroy and humiliate me; what would
it be like in his own apartment? Before we get out of the car, he takes his
tie and ties my wrists together, leaving enough exposed to act as a sort of
leash for me. He then leads me up towards his
apartment, a fourth
floor walk-up. "How's my ass look, boy?" I hesitated. "No response, huh?
Well, I won't have us walking up in silence." And with that, yet another
one of his booming farts goes right into my face. It wasn't too bad, and
especially now coming through two layers of boxers and pants, the smell was
pretty bearable. "Nothing? Guess you are starting to get used to the smell
of my teen +ass +porn ass, huh? I'm going to have to raise the bar a bit then." He lets out
one more fart on the rest of the way up the stairs, and then we finally
make our way into his apartment.It was a pretty standard apartment, nice size living room, kitchen, gay teen photos website and I'm
guessing a bedroom off toward the back of the apartment. I quickly take
notice of a large duffel bag which is just 5 feet from the door. "You
weren't joking, man. That bag already smells.""Yeah, I was supposed to wash it all already, but I get lazy when the wife
is out of town." He reaches into the bag and grabs a worn
jockstrap. He teen girls on porn
then comes right at me and backs me into a wall. His body is
pressed right into mine as he shoves the dirty pouch into my face and ties
it on my face. lesbian teens licking I moan and writhe as I sniff up his crotch stink. Despite
all he has done to me so far, this is the first time I am getting his cock
smell, and it is rank. "Yeah, man. Sniff that up. That's weeks of my dick
sweat all up in your face. You like it, don't you?"I hear him getting undressed and moving to the other side of the
room. "Crawl over to me." Without adjusting the jock, I make my way on all
fours toward his voice. I keep making my way until my face makes contact
with his leg. "Alright, now take off the jock" When I remove the jock from
my face, I see Ben sprawled out on the chair young topless teen porn in front of me, lying there
naked, wearing nothing but a big smile on his face. "That's right. I know
how much you like my body. I thought I would give you a little treat. But I
can't be the only one here naked. Take it off, boy."Without a second's hesitation, I strip down naked and resume my position
between Ben's legs. "That's a good boy. Now you see this dick? Suck it, and
suck it good." I move forward and start to tongue the head of his cock. It
immediately twitches and starts to get hard. His 7" thick cock is pressing
hard against my mouth. "Ahhhh, yeah. That's it. Lick it good. Lick it all
up - clean my fucking cock. Bet it tastes real good from all your shit
that's still on me from that pounding I gave ya." All of his verbal
humiliation is turning me on even more. I lick up and down his shaft,
getting that faint taste of my ass mixed with his sweat. After giving his
shaft a good once-over, I dive right into his balls, taking each in my
mouth, one at a time. "Oh fuck, suck my sweaty balls." After I release his
sac from my mouth, Ben grabs the back of my head and shoves my face into
the space between his cock and thigh. My nose and mouth are pressed right
into his free teen porn gallires pubic hair
and sweat is getting all over me. And the smell. Man, did he smell. I was
in heaven, and sniffed up the rank, sweaty manscent. "That's it. Nice and
ripe down there, huh? Now, you ready to suck me off good?" Just as hard as
he had shoved me into his crotch, Ben lifted my head and then shoved me
back down on his cock, his dick now going deep inside my throat. I gag and
how hard he forced me down, but this doesn't stop him. He continues to
facefuck me hard, the whole time letting out moans and grunts. Several
minutes later, I hear from above, "Oh, man. I'm gonna cum."I fully expect him to shoot down my throat, but he pushes me off and onto
the floor, and then gets up and sits on my face, facing my chest. teen blowjob facial porn I again
find myself staring into his hairy crack, young topless teen porn smelling his pure stink.My nose
is wedged right in between his ass cheeks, and my mouth is getting filled
with sweaty hair. "Oh god, Ben. You fucking stink.""Oh...yeah...sniff my ass...sniff...it...GOOD!!!!!" And with that, I feel
his weight settle even more on my face as I am now pressed deeper into his
crack. I am completely muffled and can't get any words out. All I can feel
is him erupting all over my chest, load after load. Eventually, he stops
convulsing and turns around. Ben grabs my wrists and pins them above my
head and slides down my teen titians cartoon porn body, keeping himself firmly pressed into mine. He
gets to the point where he is face-to-face with me, again that big grin on
his face. He repositions his arms teen free porn sex
to have both of my wrists together in one
of his hands and then puts his other pit right in my face. "Sniff it up,
pig. Your nose hasn't had enough of me just yet. You are my bitch. You
understand me? You are here for my pleasure, and what I want right now is
for you to sniff." I inhaled the biggest breath I have ever taken. "That's
right. You're a good boy.. But now you are all teen free porn sex
dirty. Let's go take a

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